The Best Ingredients for The Finest People

Meet Our Soul Poppers

At Soul Popped Gourmet Popcorn, we use only the freshest, best ingredients to create premium blends to infuse our popcorn with flavor. How good is it? These smiles say it all!

The pictures below represent some of our earliest Soul Poppers from our humble beginnings at the Central Texas Farmer’s Market in Austin, TX, where we sold each weekend for more than 3 years. From the start, we noticed that people who loved our product represented almost every demographic segment imaginable.

Our Soul Poppers were both male and female, young and old, single and married and represented numerous cultural backgrounds! The things that united them were the things that made Soul Popped a fan favorite from the start: a commitment to whole, unprocessed foods packed with flavor without the need for harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients. 

Our founder, De J. Lozada, said that she could tell her new concept for popcorn was a good one by the way it seemed to bring people together, as any good food will do. She was right! Time and again we heard from Soul Poppers that they made Soul Popped a part of their regular gatherings with friends and family. We’re so happy to be a regular part of activities where people who enjoy good food also create good memories — the kind that lasts a lifetime. After all, that’s what home is all about, right?

Although Soul Popped has now grown, we will always honor our time and memories made to meet our Soul Poppers (#SoulPoppedNation) at the Farmer’s Market community each weekend. This is where we got the feedback we needed to make a product the whole world could love.

THANK YOU to our #OGSoulPoppers! Without good folks like you, there’d be no us!