Meet Our Founder

“because blandness in any flavor is just hard to swallow.” — De J. Lozada

Hello. My name is De J. Lozada and I’m the founder of Soul Popped Gourmet Popcorn.

When my boys were small, we LOVED popcorn in my house and would eat it nearly every day. That got me interested in learning more about what ingredients were used to make popcorn taste so good. I was shocked to learn that most of the popcorn we consumed either depended on chemicals and other artificial ingredients for taste, or if it was chemical free, it was missing the flavor we expected to enjoy. 

That’s why I started Soul Popped because I wanted to keep sharing my favorite snack with my family and friends without all of the hidden yuck or blandness.

In just 3 years, Soul Popped is already disrupting the popcorn snack industry and we have a growing list of awards and recognitions to prove it.

We hope you’ll give our unique Soul Food-inspired flavors a try and join us as a new consumer-citizen in Soul Popped Nation!

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Popcorn with Purpose

Our new digital fundraising platform

Since our humble beginnings in 2016, we’ve been laser focused on our mission to make popcorn that makes a difference.

Today, POPCORN WITH PURPOSE is doing just that: building capacity for those who are dedicated to helping others. But, just as we offer premium popcorn flavors that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, we believe we’ve also created a fundraising platform that is just as unique.

Through PWP, we’ve developed an option that will allow organizations to raise money anywhere in the U.S. Simply share the link to your dedicated online fundraising page, and supporters will be directed to your shopping page to buy popcorn. Every time a purchase is made, your organization will recieve a percentage of proceeds. It’s that simple!

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